Office personnel

Tyler Hochstetler​​ is a licensed attorney, employed by Anabaptist Financial. Tyler also has a private practice, focusing on the areas of Business Law, Nonprofit Law, Health Law, Legal Defense, and Estate Planning. Tyler has assisted many church-based Health Care Sharing Ministries in obtaining exemptions from the Affordable Care Act. 

Myron Troyer (Advisory Board): is a member of the New Order Amish Church in Holmes County, Ohio, and has significant nonprofit board experience. 

​​Eldon Hochstetler​ served for nearly 30 years as the Administrator of Mountain View Nursing Home. His experience in healthcare administration is a valuable asset, and his knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid builds strength into the bill reduction services of Anabaptist Healthshare. 

Managing Committee

Ivan Beachy has many years of experience in nonprofit ministry leadership, international missions, and accounting for ministries. He serves as the Bishop of Faith Mission Fellowship in Free Union, Virginia. He serves on the Managing Committee and works with Anabaptist Healthshare in the accounting and auditing department.

Darrel Beachy is a founding partner of Edenali, Inc. He is the eldest son of Ivan Beachy, and he is a co-pastor with Eldon Hochstetler at Gospel Light Mennonite Church in Gordonsville, Virginia. 

Ryan Mast is a licensed helicopter pilot, and is employed in the metal fabrication industry in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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