Sharing the medical needs of the Anabaptist community

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many Anabaptist ministries and businesses have had to cease providing medical reimbursements for their workers. As a result, our Ministry and Business Pool was developed to provide health care sharing support for the missionaries, volunteers, and employees of conservative Anabaptist ministries and businesses. We currently serve the staff of Anabaptist organizations such as Hillcrest Home, Faith Mission Home, Mountain View Nursing Home, Amish Mennonite Aid (AMA), Life Ministries, Christian Light Publications, and more. 

Please visit the "Contact Us" page to obtain more information. 

If your church is interested in creating an “at cost” sharing pool with other conservative Anabaptist churches, Anabaptist Healthshare can facilitate that process, service the group with bill reductions, process medical bills, and maintain your Health Care Sharing Ministry status and exemptions. This would include annual auditing for the group. This would enable all members of the church sharing pool to maintain their exemptions from the Affordable Care Act without requiring individual audits for each church. It would also provide financial support for catastrophic and large medical bills facing your congregation.  


The costs of obtaining medical care have been steadily escalating over the past decade. Many Anabaptist churches, individuals, and mutual aid organizations face uncertainty and financial risk in handling their own medical bills. To assist with this need, Anabaptist Healthshare can provide bill reduction services to Anabaptist churches, individuals, Mennonite auto aid programs, and other organizations. If you are interested in obtaining bill reduction services for your escalating medical bills, see the "Contact Us" page.